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The Millionaire Journey

The Millionaire Journey intertwines an easy to follow 7 step process to help ANYONE make the journey to Financial Freedom with a charming allegory. It is wisdom from a regular guy who made it before he was 55, to inspire EVERYONE not only to make the journey for themselves but also to leave a legacy for others!

The Steps of the Journey are:

  1. Make up your mind to go: Think for yourself. Don’t be normal!
  2. Get to the train station: Take only what you need. Leave the rest behind!
  3. Pick the right track: three legged stool: passion, skills and value in the marketplace.
  4. Pick your train: Job train, Career train, or Entrepreneurial Express?
  5. Fuel the engine: Invest continuously to keep the train moving.
  6. Look at the landscape: Enjoy the ride, find new opportunities, and explore the world.
  7. Leave a legacy: Impact the world by leading and giving.

Book Endorsements

I am one of those weird ones who has never had a car payment and worked to finance my way through multiple college degrees. I value the fact that debt was not as accessible as it has become today. The Millionaire Journey is a reminder that an open door does not necessarily lead to a good outcome. This book will help you chose a train for your financial journey that leads to abundance and joy in those golden years we’re all hoping for.

— Dan Miller, New York Times bestselling author, 48 Days to the Work You Love


Patrick’s captured a practical concept to financial freedom in a way that engages every reader and makes financial success accessible to everyone. No matter where you are on your financial journey, you’ll benefit from reading this book!

-C. Norwood Davis Chief Financial Officer 12Stone® Church Chief Financial Officer The John Maxwell Co.

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The Millionaire Journey is an excellent A-to-Z handbook for anyone planning to become a millionaire. Since the direction we take in life determines our destiny, the analogy Patrick Green uses in this book of a train traveling a predetermined course is fantastic. If you set your direction so that you avoid debt, pursue work that aligns with your passion, invest wisely, and focus on experiencing both success and significance along the way, it’s very likely you will become a millionaire. So if you are someone who is serious about financial freedom, this book needs to be added to your library.

— Kent Julian, Professional Speaker, Author, and President of

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Twitter: @TheMillionaireJourney


Are you ready for the ride? If so, buckle up with me as we begin the journey. All aboard!