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Patrick Green is a self described “regular guy” who grew up in a broken home, and bounced back and forth between parents who both had financial difficulties. At the age of eleven his father, with whom he was living at the time, filed for bankruptcy, and the home in which they lived was lost to foreclosure. As a young adult, it took him 10 years to graduate from college, and another three to get his MBA at 31. He did see his income rise substantially thereafter, as his career finally took off. His average income over his career has been $78,000 annually. Not bad, but certainly not what most people think is required to reach financial freedom. Despite the slow start Patrick, and his wife Karen, learned great money management skills from many wise authors and thought leaders which they employed with discipline and persistence. The result is that they are debt free millionaires in their early fifties. Finding himself in a position of financial freedom he never expected, Patrick wrote The Millionaire Journey to inspire others to not settle for mediocrity, but instead take the trip from Normal to Financial Freedom.


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